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From André Malo>
Subject Re: suggestions for the documentation style
Date Sat, 05 Oct 2002 15:45:14 GMT
* Tim Gerundt wrote:

> <note type="warning">...</note>
> You should use a light red background-color for
> warning notes.
> That makes the warning clearer!

yes and no. light colored backgrounds are not very visible, e.g. on
laptop screens. and darker backgrounds are hard to read on normal

what do you think about a red border? (see below for an example)

> <name>Name</name>
> <syntax>Syntax ...</syntax>
> <sourcefile>sourcefile.c</sourcefile>

ok for me.

> For this tags from <modulesynopsis> and <directivesynopsis>
> you should use the <code>-tag with the html-output.
> It looks better, like the <default> tag.
> Maybe you can use it for <identifier> too.

-0. too much <code> (i.e. monospace font) sections make the text hard to

> Also, in headers (h1, h2, ...), you can use the <code>-tag
> to modulname and directive.
> So it looks like the links to modules or directives.

looks only good with mozilla for me (see below...), so I tend to -0.

> The the centered title from notes and examples look
> not so good, because nothing else at the page are centered.
> I think the bolder font from the title is enough to take off
> form the note and example.

hmm. the letter bars are centered and the "Apache 2.0 HTTP-Server" in
page header is "centered" (on the right side...). 

However, I moved the warnings title to the left (so you may compare with
the note titles, which are kept centered), but I think, it looks not
very good. I like the centered variant. 

Example: <>

Note, that the warning's border is dashed, but since the MSIE cannot
display dashed lines, he uses solid ones... 

print "Just Another Perl Hacker";

# André Malo, <> #

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