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From André Malo>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual/style common.dtd
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 01:57:09 GMT
* Joshua Slive wrote:

> On 3 Oct 2002 wrote:
>>   - remove   from c&p examples, because:
>>     - if you want preformatted text, use <pre>
>>     - they may lead to invisible errors (\xA0 = &nbsp;
>>       is not recognized by the config parser as whitespace)

> I'm not a big fan of this last part.  <pre> does not really fit in
> well with xml.  It has no symantics and it violates the separation of
> content and presentation. 

yes, a bit...

> In addition, it can really mess up the presentation of
> content when space is constrained in the browser.  In some setups, in
> can cause entire pages to be unreadable.

huh? Do you have an example for such a case?

> One alternative solution is to invent an <indent> tag for those things
> to replace the &nbsp;.

which does violate the separation the same way ;-)

you mean:
&lt;Directory foo&gt;<br />
something<br />
something else<br />

What would be the desired html/css result?
something like:

&lt;Directory foo&gt;<br />
<span class="indent">
something<br />
something else<br />


hmm. If <pre> (or the CSS pendant) is not used the browser may break the
lines anywhere a whitespace occurs. This may confuse people. And I
think, code example *are* preformatted text ("semantically") - one
config line cannot be wrapped anywhere a WS occurs without preparation
(\). I know, it's not a real semantic thing, but... 

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