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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Branch of docs tree: Re: Authentication in 2.0
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 03:35:01 GMT
On Sun, 27 Oct 2002, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> apache-2.0 MAIN branch - current development, 2.1 stays here.
>   \--- APACHE_2_0_BRANCH [when we declare 2.1, we 'freeze' 2.0]
>      \--- APACHE_2_2_BRANCH [as we prepare to release 2.2, we branch]
>         \--- APACHE_2_1_BRANCH [once we move on to 2.3/2.4]

I have had very little luck in the past with trying to to branches in
cvs. I expect it's not hard, if there is someone at the helm that knows
more about cvs than I. So, in general, this seems like a good idea, and
I know that a lot of projects operate this way, and it seems to work
really well.

As with the 1.3/2.0 docs split, I'd be concerned about older branches
getting maintained. There are a lot of people using 1.3 still, but the
docs are far inferior to the 2.0 docs in many ways, and almost nobody is
working on them. I guess the thinking is that once we have moved on to
the next version, nothing needs to be done to the older version of the
docs, but my theory tends to be that documentation can *always* be made

I appear to have more concerns than solutions. Right now, we are in a
situation where people are coming to the site
and getting answers that are just wrong for them, and clearly that has
to get addressed first.

Pilgrim, how you journey on the road you chose
To find out where the winds die and where the stories go
 --Pilgrim (Enya - A Day Without Rain)

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