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Subject Antwort: [STATUS] (httpd-docs-2.0) Wed Oct 16 23:45:26 EDT 2002
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2002 08:54:35 GMT

Hi Ken,

> - Figure out what to do about the 2.0 FAQ
> - Copy important stuff from 1.3?
> - Some kind of XML?
> - Something that allows dynamic contributions from users a la
>   FAQ-O-Matic?  (I don't think any really good software exists
>   for this.)

I am not quite sure which attributes a "good software" would
need to have.

Just as an example: The mySQL documentation at
(just some example URL, applies to the whole document tree)
is offered in a way that users may add comments to each and
every page of the online manual - most likely to the one
where they believe this information should be found.

So the documentation may grow and improve by user contribu-
tions, and whoever officially maintains a document may find
hints how to improve the docs there.
But there still is a clear separation between official docu-
mentation and user contributions.

Would this be a way that you like the Apache documentation
to be available? (This may require some maintenance for
itself, to prevent idiots posting rubbish there.)

Regards, Michael

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