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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual/style/xsl common.xsl directiveindex.xsl moduleindex.xsl quickreference.xsl sitemap.xsl synopsis.xsl
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2002 23:16:06 GMT
André Malo wrote:

>>>  - new <hint> element for modulesynopsis
>>I don't see the point of that.  The same info is available in
>><compatibility>, and I really want to try to minimize the number of
>>different tags.
> I like the idea of Will Rowe of putting a hint (which says, when and
> perhaps why) on the index page. The <compatibility> content is not
> really the right text to do so. And I found no good existing place where
> such a "hint" could be stored. Hmm. Alternatives are welcome :)

I really don't think it is necessary to clutter the index page with that 
info.  The module is obsolete, so people shouldn't need to know much 
about it.  And more information is simply a click away.

If I was going to be adding more stuff to the index page, it would be 
<status> itself.

>>Why are we renaming the files at all?  It seems to me they can simply
>>remain mod_access, mod_auth, etc. 
> but mod_auth_digest.

Perfect.  mod_auth_digest isn't obsolete.  There are simply some changes 
in the directives which should be documented in the module.  There is no 
reason to keep the old version of the docs around.

>>The information that they are
>>obsolete is contained in the <status>.  We should not duplicate that
>>information in the filename.
> I guess there are arguments both for it and against it. My intention was
> to make *very* apparent that the particular module was removed/replaced.
> Even I would go further and label the old urls (except for
> mod_auth_digest.html ;-( ) with a 410 status. (which would also catch
> any links set to the files yet.) 

In my opinion, changing the filenames needlessly breaks URLs to files, 
needlessly adds complexity to the xslt, and is just overall ugly.

I feel fairly strongly about both of these issues (and especially the 
latter), but if other people disagree, please speak up.

Of course, this whole discussion might be moot if we go with creating 
2.1 and 2.2.  It would solve all these problems quite cleanly.


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