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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: XML files
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 17:27:15 GMT
Luiz Rocha wrote:
>>in general:
>><dt><dl> is used for definition lists, where a definition term is
>><ul><li> is used for (enumerating) lists, which specify some points
>>relevant for the same topic.

Let me just add a little comment:

<dl> lists contain two parts: a term and a defition, while <ul> lists 
only contain one part: the list item.  What you should NOT do is mix 
those up.  For example, don't do this:

<li><strong>Thing</strong><br />
<li><strong>Thing2</strong><br />
More Stuff</li>

That should be:

<dt>Thing2</dt><dd>More Stuff</dd>

And similarly, don't do

<dt>Blah blah blah</dt>
<dt>Blah blah blah</dt>

Use <ul> for that.


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