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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject [STATUS] (httpd-docs-2.0) Wed Oct 2 23:45:54 EDT 2002
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 03:45:56 GMT
Apache HTTP Server 2.0 Documentation Status File.
Last modified: $Date: 2002/09/29 01:12:54 $

If you are interested in helping accomplish some of the tasks on this
list or otherwise improving the documentation, please join the
apache-docs mailing list by mailing to

For more information on how to contribute to the Apache Documentation
Project, please see, and for an excellent
tutorial on how to get started with making your contribution.


Things That Need Fixing

    - Rewriting of the remainder of the manual into xml is in
      progress.  See the bottom of this file for status info.
    - add ids to non-directive sections of the module docs, so they
      get a chance to be linked in the sidebar

- Windows platform docs are in desperate need of rewrites/updates for 2.0.
    - Bill Rowe and Bill Stoddard are good contacts for tech questions.

- New Auth system
    (Wait on this until the code has stabalized a little)
    - With the new auth system, we have a bunch of directives that are
      duplicated in multiple modules, where one of the modules is obsolete.
      We probably need to mark the old modules as <status>obsolete</status>
      and key on that to omit them from the directive index, etc.
    - Much clean-up and enhancement of docs
    - Independent note on how to upgrade to new auth system

- Figure out what to do about the 2.0 FAQ
    - Copy important stuff from 1.3?
    - Some kind of XML?
    - Something that allows dynamic contributions from users a la
      FAQ-O-Matic?  (I don't think any really good software exists 
      for this.)

- modules docs
    - mod_suexec: very little documentation
    - mod_proxy: updates for 2.0
    - mod_status: updates for 2.0
    - mod_example: updates for 2.0
- man pages
    - Some of the man pages need to be updated for 2.0. 
      Presently, these are generated from nroff man pages using
      the program in the site-tools repository, but nobody seems
      willing to update the nroff files at the moment.
      What should we do?

      - we should be able to setup an XSLT to convert XML to nroff,
        shouldn't we? --nd
        - Theoretically?  Yes.  ;-) --Joshua

- MPM documentation
     - Non unix/windows MPMs still need to be completed.
     - the perchild directives in threaded/worker need docs

- Individual docs will need some cleanup. 
     - misc/custom_errordocs.html needs to be updated to
       essentially describe how the international error
       docs included in 2.0 work
     - misc/perf-tuning.html - needs major rewrite for 2.0
     - misc/tutorials.html - mostly not relevant to 2.0
     - misc/stopping.html
     - misc/rewriteguide.html - needs cleaning in 1.3 and 2.0
     - misc/known_client_problems.html - mostly ancient
     - platform/ebcdic.xml - needs major rework for 2.0

- New build process.
    - install.html has had a first-pass rewrite, it is basically
      accurate, but very incomplete.

- API documentation
    Status: Ben Laurie has written some hooks documentation

- Translations
    There are several efforts underway to translate the documentation
    into other languages. A detailed list of the currently known
    translators (and the corresponding websites) can be found at

Documentation improvements

* New user docs: Directory Handling (mod_dir/mod_autoindex/etc)

* Enhancements to the DTD/XSL:
  - <glossary> tag that links to the glossary and uses some special 
    style in the css.
  - <parentdocument href="...">...</parentdocument> tag to give some
    more structure for the cookie-crumbs, etc.
  - New index: directives by context, including listing which directives
    are available for each AllowOverride setting.
  - Use a tag like <var> in place of <em> for things like the 
    <syntax> listing.
    - nd volunteers
  - add letter links to glossary and quickreference, 
    perhaps also a term overview (sidebar)
  - cross references between the different languages,
    at least links from non-en docs to the originals.
    - Javascript?
    - post processing (s&r, XML::Parser, ...)?
    - pre processing ([kind of] type maps
      generated from sitemap entries like:
      <page><variant lang="en" href="">title</variant>)?
    - looking for other good ideas ;-)

* Autogeneration of PDF
  - FOP?

* Windows help file
  - David Shane Holden was working on this

* Improving the "security docs"
  - More content and better organisation.

* General cleaning and improving of module docs

* Making the directive definitions "less terse" (i.e., adding more
  examples and details to the definitions of the directives)

  - We'll need to audit these and find out which ones need munging, as
    some of it looks ok.  --jsl

* Making site-specific enhancements easier, including a documented
  and robust way for 3P module docco to be added -- and have it
  survive a server docco upgrade

  - This could be something a simple and hackish as a manual/extra/
    directory (a la the 1.3 src/modules/extra/ directory) and a
    script in the support directory that scans the files there and
    updates the manual indices.  (We do something like that now for
    httpd.conf file with apxs [LoadModule, etc.].)

XML Conversions

The following files need to be converted to XML as described at

index.html.en                      # leave in html?
misc/custom_errordocs.html         # obsolete?
misc/descriptors.html              # obsolete?
misc/fin_wait_2.html               # obsolete?
misc/known_client_problems.html    # obsolete?
misc/tutorials.html                # obsolete?
vhosts/name-based.html.en                          # delete after finishing everything

# These will require manual.xsl changes

# Perhaps these should be left in html to allow the developers to
# play with them

# These are currently generated from nroff, but nobody is editting
# the nroff sources.  Should we just convert to pure xml and forget
# about man pages?

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