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From "Tim Gerundt" <>
Subject Re: [NEW] netware.xml;perf-hp.xml
Date Sat, 12 Oct 2002 21:40:54 GMT
* Jan Faerber wrote:

>>Is it possible for you to answer another question?

Yes of course! ;)

>>But the compilers csc and vbv don´t work in the command promt?
>>And I want to run XmlDiff and XmlPatch Class Code Samples.

*sorry*, but i have no experiences with .NET from Microsoft.

>>Is there still something missing on my pc the get started with diff´ing?

I use Cygwin, a UNIX environment, for diff under Windows 98.
You find it at:

Another way is the windows port from gnu diff tool.
You find it in the useful UnxUtils package.

Or as particular file from GnuWin32.

I hope this help!



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