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From "Tim Gerundt" <>
Subject Re: suggestions for the documentation style
Date Sat, 05 Oct 2002 16:43:24 GMT
* André Malo wrote:

>>what do you think about a red border? (see below for an example)

That is good, too!
Main thing it gives one differentiated to the normal notes.

>>ok for me.

For the modulename from a directive, too?

>>looks only good with mozilla for me (see below...), so I tend to -0.

Mhh, with the IE it look also good.
But perhaps that should a few more people decide.

>>However, I moved the warnings title to the left (so you may compare with
>>the note titles, which are kept centered), but I think, it looks not
>>very good. I like the centered variant.

I like the left variant more! ;)
It is better to read, because you find the title faster,
as a little "note" in den middle.

>>Note, that the warning's border is dashed, but since the MSIE cannot
>>display dashed lines, he uses solid ones...

My IE 5.5 show dashed lines.



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