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From André Malo>
Subject Re: [PATCH] build.xml
Date Sun, 29 Sep 2002 01:51:19 GMT
* Joshua Slive wrote:

> André Malo wrote:
>> I've looked around a little bit and found a faa (frequently answered
>> answer ;-) at the xalan pages:
> Gosh.  Who reads the documentation?  Crazy! ;-)


>> I think, when we separate the pages, which use document(...), so that
>> they are processed each for itself, we have a long working solution.
>>                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I would just say "one at a time", or "each on its own".

Ah, thank you :)

> But regardless,
> it does seem that is necessary.  Perhaps we should reconsider merging
> allmodules with sitemap.  That more than doubles the size of the glob
> that the processor needs to hold in memory.

really? I don't have actual values. My test were only binary (worked or
not...). However, after some days thinking about, holding a separate
allmodules.xml seems to be good idea at all.

Reverting the merge isn't a big deal. 

die (eval q-qq:Just Another Perl Hacker

# André Malo, <> #

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