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From Astrid Kessler <>
Subject Re: Security
Date Tue, 24 Sep 2002 20:28:08 GMT
>> What I think you would want is to change the default umask of the users
>> in question
>> 'umask 022' is pretty typical, so probably want something less public.
> In general, we have tried to stay away from unix tutorials in the apache
> docs.  We need to document Apache, not the operating system.  If we try
> to be all things to all people, we will wind up with crappy docs.

Sorry, talking about security means always talking about the underlying 
system. I agree with you, that the apache documentation is not the right 
place to teach people using their system. But if we are talking about 
securing the apache, we schould not only mention the minimum rights. Imho 
we should also offer some help, to keep this settings. And umask is a big 
help. We may add a sentence like 'For further information read the 
corresponding man pages', or something else.

I've often realized, that the problem isn't really reading the 
documentation at a special topic, but more knowing, there is something, 
which will help. Give the people a hint.


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