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From André Malo>
Subject Rebuild of quickreference.html
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 23:07:22 GMT
* André Malo wrote:

> * Joshua Slive wrote:
>> It's just *SO UGLY* with all the unlines.  There are occasions when
>> I'll sacrifice a little consistentcy to get something that looks
>> decent.

hmm, I don't find it ugly, really ;-)

I tried several combinations, and I'm actually missing the underlines,
when they aren't there (but that's just my feeling, of course). 

Because it's so huge, I've uploaded my current favourite version:


What do you think about?
(didn't want to commit yet, because there are so many changes)

> Alternatively we may put an image before the description and link it,
> e.g.
> <a href="todirective"><img src="{$path}/images/right.gif" alt="-&gt;"
>/></a> directive syntax...

tried this, too -- it looks really ugly ;-)

> ok, later this day.

er, the tricky XSLT took me some time, because of the
two-step-processing (letter bar & zebra crossing) - but who cares? ;-) 

package Hacker::Perl::Another::Just;print
qq~@{[reverse split/::/ =>__PACKAGE__]}~;

#  André Malo  #  #

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