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From André Malo>
Subject mod_autoindex & DTD issues
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 01:18:15 GMT

Just found some odd things:

The docs of the Addalt* directives of mod_autoindex say everywhere
"String is enclosed in double quotes". I don't know, how it is meant
exactly, but the examples imply that the alt string in the configuration
must be surrounded by quotes. If you don't have a whitespace inside your
string you actually don't need the quotes. 

However, the string /will/ be enclosed in quotes (alt="string"). Perhaps
it's only my poor English that creates a problem ;-) I'd suggest to
write there: 

String should be enclosed in double quotes (").

We should also mention, that a quote appearing inside the alt-string
should (must? has to?) be escaped as HTML 

AddAlt foo"bar *.baz
# instead of
AddAlt foo"bar *.baz
# bad example, I know...

or should the module escape a quote there?

The other issue:
Please take a look at:

inside the div.note beneath the example you'll find the following:
(taken from the original XML)

<p><a href="../content-negotiation.html">Content negotiation</a>
      will be performed if the <code>MultiViews</code> <directive
      module="core">Option</directive> is enabled. 

Of course, there's no directive "Option" and the link points to nowhere.
To keep the semantics I'd like to add another attribute to the directive
element, which contains the actual directive name, if neccessary, e.g. 

<!ATTLIST directive  module CDATA  #IMPLIED
                     type   CDATA  #IMPLIED
                     name   CDATA  #IMPLIED>

So the author in the case described above may write:

<directive module="core" name="Options">Option</directive>.

What do you think? Any objections?

tvc!ifmm)%*|#Qfsm!A`#~tvc!jt)%*|(Ibdlfs(~  # What the hell is JAPH? ;
@_=split/\s\s+#/;$_=(join''=>map{chr(ord(  #             André Malo ;
$_)-1)}split//=>$_[0]).$_[1];s s.*s$_see;  # ;

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