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From André Malo>
Subject Re: CSS media="print"
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2002 13:50:12 GMT
* Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> An alternative is to do something similar to what lynx -dump does, and
> provide a bibliography.  In the document viewed online, we display
> either 'see here' oe 'see here[12]' as a normal link; in a
> formatted-for-printing version, we use the latter exclusively.  And in
> both cases we provide a <dl> list at the end with the references and
> the actual URLs for the links: 
> [12]

hmm. Would be nice, IMHO, but would require content changes. Currently
the manual-print.css does the only work. (we had to add the <dl>
generally and blind it out via CSS for normal screen view). 

Another suggestion:

#page-content p > a[href]:after {
  content: " (\002197\0000A0" attr(href) ") ";
  color: #036;

This works for me in mozilla and opera 6 ;-) [both win32] it puts an
"([arrow] linktarget)" after the normal links and colors it with blue. 

Unfortunately Opera 5 doesn't support Unicode, so the arrow will be
shown as a long long dash there (*grrr*) 

A simpler variant then could be:

#page-content p > a[href]:after {
  content: " <" attr(href) "> ";
  color: #036;

All of this is not supported by the majority of browsers, e.g. the IE
doesn't do anything with this (But I can easily live with that...) 

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# André Malo # #

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