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From André Malo>
Subject Re: XML conversions
Date Sun, 08 Sep 2002 21:55:12 GMT
* Luiz Rocha wrote:

>   I also have some questions. First, in some html, I find the tag
>   <pre>, 
> should I leave those, or there is a substitution for those?

simply wrap it into an <example>, e.g.:

<!-- content -->

>   And second, in one of the documents I'm XML-izing, I found some <h4>
>   tags 
> after some <h2>, making a kind of a "subsection", is there a tag for
> that, or should I leave it?

hmm, I grepped for h4. Particular documents are missing h2 headings. In
this case the levels should be pulled up, IMHO (h3->h2, h4->h3). The
other cases seem to be structured this way. I'd suggest to leave it. 

However in the XML you should never write any <hx>, instead of:

<section id="blah"> <!-- id should be set -->
  <title>this becomes h2</title>


  <section id="blubb"> <!-- id may be omitted -->
    <title>this becomes h3</title>
    [... content ...]

    <section id="foo"> <!-- id may be omitted -->
      <title>this becomes h4</title>

      we've to modify the XSLT to make the h4 work, but it's not a big


I'm +1 for modifying the XSLT (+ CSS) to create h4 headings.

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