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From André Malo>
Subject Proposal: sitemap revision
Date Sun, 08 Sep 2002 15:44:53 GMT

I revised he sitemap.xml/html, so it should look better and created some
semantics in sitemap.xml 


the proposed xml file is also there:
(probably you have to look into the source...)

the whole thing causes some changes:

* new sitemap.dtd
* new sitemap.xsl
* modified common.xsl (just added an include)
* perhaps an additional dependset should be added to build.xml, because
  the sitemap now uses allmodules.xml to stay up to date. (but I don't
  know how ;-)
* some additions to $lang.xml:
  <!-- Used for the modulesynopsis and sitemap -->
  <message name="apachemodule">Apache Module</message>
  <message name="apachecore">Apache Core Features</message>
  <message name="apachempmcommon">Apache MPM Common Directives</message>
  <message name="apachempm">Apache MPM</message>
* modified manual.css
  (so the proposed li.separate has some effect)

You may browser through all of the style stuff at:

And another point that may be changed in the manual.css:

I've added a 0.4em distance between the list items in the sidebar
(except directive lists [modulesynopsis]). What do you think about? 

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# André Malo # #

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