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From André Malo>
Subject perchild confusion
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 00:23:29 GMT

at first: I know, perchild is still experimental, but...

* The ChildPerUserID documentation says, it takes a user, a group and a
  specific child ID. If I read the code (set_child_per_uid()) correctly,
  it takes a number of childs, that are switched to the given uid/gid.

* Further the assign_childuid() function (AssignUserID) tells me, that
  one cannot set up more than one virtual host with the same uid/gid
  combination, later ones override earlier ones (which causes the
  earlier virtual host to inherit the user/group setting from main
  server (?)). 

Am I totally wrong here? Is the configuration code still so much under
development? Could someone enligthen me? :) 

tvc!ifmm)%*|#Qfsm!A`#~tvc!jt)%*|(Ibdlfs(~  # What the hell is JAPH? ;
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