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From André Malo>
Subject Re: New draft of manual style
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 16:31:40 GMT
* Joshua Slive wrote:

> First a general comment (not to you specifically): Careful on the use
> of "-1".  In Apache terms, this doesn't mean "I disagree" or "I vote
> against".  Rather, it means "I VETO this change".

oh, thanks for the enlightenment.

> Now on to the content: Wouldn't you agree that anyone who finds text
> unreadable with font-size:small (or <small> or <font size="-1">) would
> have a very hard time browsing the web.  The majority of major
> websites use that setting. 

hmm. I know much sites, that use fix font sizes. If I really cannot read
such pages, I'm turning off CSS (NN4 gives the ability, I'm really
missing that in mozilla...). But turning off CSS is not the desired way
to handle the docs in general, I think :) 

Even google, that bastion of "Usability enhanced" web
> design, uses <font size="-1"> for most of its text.  The same thing
> goes for side menus (or in google's case, side advertisements).

:-(, <font size> is BAD (broken as designed). because there's no way to
:turn off the effect in most browsers. In real strong cases I take Lynx
:or simply go away. 

>> <>

> I think I might take a few more days off of the style issue
> before I come back to it.  If any of the other committers wants to
> follow up, please feel free.  Otherwise, I'll look at it in a few
> days. 

ok, time goes by :)
I made a lot of detail changes and some more major ones since my last
post. But take a look at it yourself :)

During my work at the <example>s a realized another serious cache bug in
ant. While creating the directive index it sometimes (!) forgets some
modules. This behaviour is triggered by a little bit more complex xslt
transformation, that applies on files which will be transformed before
directives.xml. i.e. I applied some xsl to a module file (e.g. core.xml)
and ant forgot all core directives... (?!?) 

In result of this I modified the build.xml to handle directive.xml.*
separately. (Took me several days to find out that it was a problem of
ant :-( )

In order to find out the problem I rebuilt the complete xsl and splitted
the common.xsl into several parts, so the common.xsl only contains
common template scraps. (so done in

I think it becomes more clear this way. 

die (eval q-qq:Just Another Perl Hacker

# André Malo, <> #

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