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From André Malo>
Subject Re: New draft of manual style
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 15:45:24 GMT
* Michael Schröpl wrote:

>> How do we solve this problem?  Well, one possibility
>> is to eliminate the use of <code> entirely and use
>> CSS to get that effect.  But I would prefer not to do
>> that because then non-css browsers would see the
>> <example> in a proportional font.
> what is the general strategy? <example> in proportional
> font is far better than unusable. Sure, non-CSS browsers
> would also lose the background color if not being set
> in HTML code, but we are talking about Netscape 3 here,
> or about Netscape 4 with CSS explicitly switched off.

NN4 gets nothing of the current CSS...
If I have much time, perhaps I will setup a JSSS for NN4.
Maybe ;-)

> So +1 from me for omitting <code> here, rather than
> generating different code for different situations,

No. <code> has also a semantic meaning. Examples are in nearly cases
paragraphs containing code. 

I set up a loop for <example>. To make it work, a list of blockelements
has to be defined in the head of common.xsl (just did it
in <>). If it's
maintainable enough I'd propose this as a solution. 

\40\51/\134\137|ndparker <>;;print;

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