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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Ready to commit the new docs :-)
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 23:03:52 GMT
[Sorry if you get this twice.  I think my first one got caught in a spam
trap because I put the list name in the cc: instead of to:]

---------- Forwarded message ----------
On Fri, 6 Sep 2002, Erik Abele wrote:
> e) The example-boxes use <div class="example"><pre>...</pre></div>
to define
> the bg-color. Unfortunately Mozilla and IE (didn't check the others) don't
> wrap the text within the <pre>-tags, since it is pre-defined, ha. With
> smaller window-sizes we therefore get lines which reach over the
> background box.
> To see this live, try
> with a window-size smaller than 800x600 (scroll down to find a problematic
> place).

Yes, that is the danger of using <pre>.  It is not created by this new
style, just amplified by it (due to the restricted screen real-estate).
The great thing about not using tables is that the huge <pre> doesn't
cause the entire page to scroll right-left.

The problem will be lessened if we use a slightly smaller font.  Which
brings up the question of exactly which of the stylesheets we are going to
use.  I suggest that we NOT include ALL those alternate stylesheets.  In
fact I suggest we start with just a single stylesheet (or at most a few)
and we can add more later.

Right now it seems the default is style/css/manual-sbar-right-fix15.css.
I suggest using instead manual-sbar-right-90pc.css (although I think we
may need to go even a little smaller).  I also think it would be best to
consolidate all those @imports so that, in the default case, only a single
stylesheet needs to be loaded.  The alternate stylesheets can still use
imports, but we want to minimize transactions for the default case.

And if you don't feel like doing that, I'm +1 on committing it as is and
we can fix it later.

> Joshua, I also had to change build.xml, can you please commit the attached
> patch; thanks ;-) I will go on and commit the whole stuff in the next hour
> if nobody raises any objections.

Will do.


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