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Subject Re: perchild confusion
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 16:22:20 GMT
On Wed, 4 Sep 2002, [ISO-8859-1] André Malo wrote:

> Hi,
> at first: I know, perchild is still experimental, but...
> * The ChildPerUserID documentation says, it takes a user, a group and a
>   specific child ID. If I read the code (set_child_per_uid()) correctly,
>   it takes a number of childs, that are switched to the given uid/gid.

ChildPerUserID takes three arguments:

ChildPerUserID <user> <group> <number_of processes>

The first two are fairly obvious, the third is the number of child
processes that will be owned by that user and group.

> * Further the assign_childuid() function (AssignUserID) tells me, that
>   one cannot set up more than one virtual host with the same uid/gid
>   combination, later ones override earlier ones (which causes the
>   earlier virtual host to inherit the user/group setting from main
>   server (?)). 

That would be a bug.  I have never bothered to setup a configuration like
that, although it should be possible to do.  I just read the code, and I
see the bug that you are talking about, so I'll fix it at some
point.  However, I don't have a lot of time for development right now, and
my only development box isn't well suited to fixing this MPM, so it will
take me some time before I get this fixed.

> Am I totally wrong here? Is the configuration code still so much under
> development? Could someone enligthen me? :) 

The configuration code is not under development at all currently.  The
logic for configuration has been working for some time, and it hasn't

Ryan Bloom               
550 Jean St
Oakland CA 94610

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