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From "Vincent de Lau" <>
Subject RE: Security
Date Tue, 24 Sep 2002 22:36:28 GMT
> > In general, we have tried to stay away from unix tutorials in the apache
> > docs.  We need to document Apache, not the operating system.  If we try
> > to be all things to all people, we will wind up with crappy docs.
> >
> Sorry, talking about security means always talking about the underlying
> system. I agree with you, that the apache documentation is not the right
> place to teach people using their system. But if we are talking about
> securing the apache, we schould not only mention the minimum rights. Imho
> we should also offer some help, to keep this settings. And umask is a big
> help. We may add a sentence like 'For further information read the
> corresponding man pages', or something else.
> I've often realized, that the problem isn't really reading the
> documentation at a special topic, but more knowing, there is something,
> which will help. Give the people a hint.

First describing WHAT you are doing and then describing how you are doing it
(on one or more platforms) seems a good idea. This helps people 'porting'
docs to other platforms as well. For instance:

section 1: securing log files

- we want to prevent other users then the server user and administrator from
reading the logs

section 1.1: Unix settings

- change owner
- change permissions
- set umask

section 1.2: Win32 settings

- clear the log directory ACL
- give write permissions to Administrators
- give write acces to "creater-owner"

On the other hand you might have sections that are equal for all platforms
(like modules).

Vincent de Lau

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