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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: quick reference
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 17:29:01 GMT
Hi Joshua !

> Here's a quick first-draft of a "directive quick reference" that shows 
> the syntax/context/default of each directive.  At minimum it is a good 
> resources for documenters to check what things need to be fixed.
> Any opinions?
> Joshua.

great! this was on my todo too, but I didn't get to it up to now ;-) 
Perhaps we could add some sort of 'alphabet bar' as in 
directives.xml/.html; this makes searching much easier.

Another idea: it would be awesome if we could show the corresponding 
MPMs for the mpm-secific directives in another column. Don't know if 
this is easily possible with our current xsl-model...? any ideas?

for example:
CoreDumpDirectory         worker, perchild, prefork, mpm_winnt
MaxSpareThreads           mpm_netware, perchild, worker
MaxThreadsPerChild        worker, perchild
NumServers                perchild

hmmm, perhaps this is to much for a quick-reference?


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