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Subject Antwort: Re: quick reference
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 21:17:52 GMT

Hi Joshua,

> Because the directive index is something that needs to be fast-loading
> and simple since it is used frequently.  The quick reference will have
> much more content, and will really require a large browser window.
> Other opinions.

"pro large table":

a) You can make it render faster if you fix the column widths,

   using HTML or CSS for this purpose. Netscape 4 will not like

   big tables for sure, but Netscape 4 seems no longer to be

   the focus of interest anyway.

b) The document may be big, but very generic. When using some

   compression module (like mod_deflate) you can get phantastic

   compression factors - I have experienced factors of 25 and

   more for documents that consist of long and very similar

   strings only, like large tables do.

The more generic a HTML document is, the better the compression

factor when using gzip. Large tables are a treat to compress;

once you use a systematic pattern it will be gezipped down to

_one_ byte regardless of its original size - the longer, the

better. (Your background colors via "style" would be such a

case - but only if the indentation is identical for each line.)

As an example, I have a page like

which is a program generated document containing links to the

W3C validator for every page of my domain.

The size of this file is 380120 bytes, but the size of the

"gzip -9"ed version is only 15688 bytes, i. e. 4,13% or a factor

of 24,23. And I am not even using tables here!

mod_deflate should come very close to this value.

_This_ is where using compression _really_ makes a difference -

not the average HTML document (where you can expect to save 60%).

Regards, Michael

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