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From Yoshiki Hayashi <>
Subject quickreference.xsl does not work well with Japanese translation
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2002 09:12:53 GMT
Hiroyuki Kawai translated quickreference.xl into Japanese
and now it is committed to Japanese translsation CVS

However, I have a problem creating quickrefernce.html.ja.jis
form quickreference.xml.ja.

quickreference.xsl has following code to shorten 'server
config' etc to svdh.  But these phrases in Japanese version
are translated to Japanese so these tests always fail.  It
results in empty context column.

          <xsl:if test="contextlist/* = 'server config'">s</xsl:if>
          <xsl:if test="contextlist/* = 'virtual host'">v</xsl:if>
          <xsl:if test="contextlist/* = 'directory'">d</xsl:if>
          <xsl:if test="contextlist/* = '.htaccess'">h</xsl:if>

On soultion would be to leave 'server config' and the like
in module docs in English and do translation at the time of
transformation.  I'm not very good at XSLT so there might be
better ways to fix this problem.  Any suggestions?

Yoshiki Hayashi

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