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From "johannes m. richter" <>
Subject Re: Windows Platform notes - some wrong links
Date Sun, 22 Sep 2002 21:38:26 GMT
At 23:32 22.09.2002, you wrote:
>johannes m. richter wrote:
>>In the file docs-2.0/platform/windows.html the links to the core 
>>documentation lead to docs-2.0/mod/mod_core.html, but the correct file 
>>would be docs-2.0/mod/core.html
>>I quickly looked over the other platform notes (Novell NetWare & EBCDIC) 
>>which didn't had this small mistake.
>>Since I do not know XML unfortunately I cannot help you fixing this 
>>directly in the XML source, all I could offer is fixing the HTML.
>>I hope this is the correct place to report things like this,
>Thanks for the info.  If you want to help fix it, take a look at the xml 
>file.  I think you'll find that it is actually easier than the html to 
>work with and understand.  You just need to change <directive 
>module="mod_core">Directive</directive> to <directive 

ok, thank you for this. I was not sure if this would be enough.
Enclosed you can find a patch (made with diff -u). I hope it is helpful..
Good begin of the week....

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