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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: links to english originals
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2002 18:25:43 GMT
André Malo wrote:

> hmm, I think, sitemap.xml is the right place for storing that info.
> <page alternate="de ja ru">...</page>

Not the best xml ;-)  More like <page 
or something 
like that.  We're supposed to able to avoid parsing strings for spaces 
to get at our data.

> or so. (but doesn't solve the problem...)

It potentially could, but is probably an over-complex solution for the 
problem at hand.  As I said, if the translations start to get large, we 
may want to switch to typemaps pointing at different directories.  Then 
something like this would be very useful.

> But... I don't like JS ;-)

I agree on principal

> I actually would prefer a SSI 

I'd really prefer not to have the parse all the docs for SSI just for 
this little thing.

> or better a post processing
> solution (for example a perl script similiar to

That is a possibility.  I would want to use a proper xml parser 
(possibly from within perl) and not just a search/replace thing.

Anyway, lets think about the problem a little more before we try 
anything.  That way we can hopefully come up with a solution that will 
help us in other areas as well.

You might want to add the idea to STATUS so we don't forget it.


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