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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: links to english originals
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 17:24:37 GMT
André Malo wrote:
> Should we add a link to the english original on translated documents?
> I'd personally say: yes, makes sense. Not only because of negotiation 
> problems. The english version is also semantically the original document. 
> So a reader might want to read it, when he easily wants to compare it 
> with the translation. Translations are not always up to date etc.
> This would probably require to add a hint on the filename to the 
> document, e.g.
> <manualpage filename="upgrading">
> Or is there a way to get it automagically from ant?

I think this is a good idea.  Many sites also have links to the various 
translations from the default (english) version (see the PHP docs, for 
example), although this is less important.  It would be nice, in 
general, if we provided an easy way to override the negotiated language 
and choose a specific language.  This would help the large number of 
people who have misconfigured browsers, but it would also be good in 
general, since someone might choose to read the web in general in "de" 
but prefer to read technical documentation in "en" (for example).  I 
don't know any browser that provides good configuration for that kind of 

If we were using any kind of server-side scripting, this would be a 
trivial thing to do.  But I think we need to stick to static pages for 
now.  Another option is to add just a touch of client-side javascript to 
generate the link.  But I think that would only work for translation -> 
english and not the other way around (because the javascript couldn't 
know what translations are available).

If we wanted to get really fancy, we could have an xml file for each 
document that listed the available variants.  Then that xml file could 
be used both to generate a typemap for negotiation and to provide the 
translation links in each of the files.  This could be something to do 
in the future, but it is probably too big a hassel for right now, given 
the early stage of most of the translations.

So my suggestion is:

1. See if we can develop a very short and simple bit of javascript to 
provide this link.  (Essentially just do s/\..*\.html$/\.en\.html/ or 

2. If not, we can add the extra tag.  It just seems silly to need to 
hard-code the filename into the file.


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