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From Erik Abele <>
Subject [PATCH] Re: Default build target
Date Sat, 14 Sep 2002 18:41:29 GMT
Joshua Slive wrote:
 > Does anyone (particularly people working on translations) have an
 > objection to changing the default ant build target to only build 
"en", and
 > have separate targets to build the other languages?  This would speed up
 > the build for most people, and would also prevent people from 
 > screwing up work in languages they don't understand.
 > Joshua.

I had a bit spare time and tried to incorporate the proposed additions
to build.xml. See the attached patch. For now 'en' is built as default.
All other languages are invoked by using their abbreviations (de, ja,
pt-br, ru). The validation process remained the same as before.
Additionally I introduced an new target 'all' to get all languages built
at once.

I also added the russian build targets submitted by Ilia Soldis

For me everything is working fine, but please test on your own system
with your working language thoroughly before anybody commits this. I
haven't had the time to test every case and I don't want to disturb the
build-process another time :-)

BTW we will have to do a rewrite of the dependsets when all the files
are xml-ized. Up to now only the mod-directory correctly depends on the

Another point came from an email from Michael Shroepl:
 > I am +1 for the idea as well, and would love to have the
 > target names available being documented in some short "how
 > to build Apache HTML files from XML".

I we're going to commit this, I'm +1 on documenting the new 
language-dependent build-process and even the validation process in some 
(short) way in httpd-site/xdocs/docs-project/translations.xml

For any other additions or ideas, please speak up ;-)


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