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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual/mod directives.html.en directives.html.ja.jis index.html.ja.jis mod_access.html.ja.jis mod_auth.html.ja.jis mod_autoindex.html.ja.jis mod_dav.html.ja.jis mod_deflate.html.ja.jis mod_dir.html.ja.jis mod_env.html.ja.jis mod_mime.html.en mod_mime.xml mod_so.html.ja.jis mod_suexec.html.ja.jis mod_userdir.html.ja.jis mpm_common.html.ja.jis mpm_winnt.html.ja.jis prefork.html.ja.jis worker.html.ja.jis
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2002 21:03:56 GMT wrote:

>   Add documentation of ModMimeUsePathInfo directive.
>   (When I did a rebuild, it wanted to regenerate every file, so I'm not
>   exactly sure what else is going to be checked in.  Did someone change
>   a master file without re-running the transformations?)

I believe it is just that most of us avoid committing non-english 
transformations.  Technically, there shouldn't be any harm.  But I 
usually restrict my commits to .html.en just because there is no way for 
me to verify the changes to other docs.

>   +  <p>If you have a request for /bar/foo.html where /bar is a Location and
>   +     ModMimeUsePathInfo is on, mod_mime will treat the incoming request as
>   +     /bar/foo.html and directives like
>   +     <code>AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml</code> will add the INCLUDES
>   +     filter to the request.  If ModMimeUsePathInfo is not set, the includes
>   +     filter will not be added.

I think in that example it should be <code>AddOutputFilter INCLUDES 
.html</code> rather than .shtml.


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