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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual/style/css manual.css
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 17:27:56 GMT
André Malo wrote:

> attached a patch for manual.css, that merges the double defined sections
> and removes the CSS validator warnings.
> Also adjusted the sidebar top position (it's dependant on font-size).

Got it.

>>  3. Try out a funny shade of brown for <module>.  What'd'ya think?
> +1 from me ;-)

Yes, it's pretty much exactly the color you suggested and I shot down 

> some other thoughts:
> should we consider to move the xml docs to another directory? For
> example, if you request
> <>, you get at least in
> Mozilla the xml document which will be transformed but misses all the
> definitions from external documents (I believe, it's a security feature
> of mozilla or so ;-).

Mozilla now has several problems with the xml+xslt.  When I try to 
transform even a document that doesn't have the &nbsp; problem, Mozilla 
seems to ignore all lists and paragraphs and just shows the text in each 
section as one big blob.  I'm not terribly concerned at this point.  It 
would be nice if we can get it to work, but as long as the generated 
html version is correct, that is all that really matters.

As far as seperating the directories, that is something we might want to 
consider at one point.  But I'm not really concerned about the specific 
problem you mentioned.  We support a single URL for each document: 
mod/directives.html in that case.  People can't go and use some 
arbitrary related URL and expect it to work.

> Finally I would include at least the 100% loose style for users, which
> don't like the sidebar and/or fix fonts.

Done.  This one should probably be designated as the default for 
printing, but I didn't have time to test that with a bunch of browsers, 
so I didn't do that.

> index.html: according to your CVS log entry, I think it's ok, if we're
> working on it... ;-)

I'm not, but I hope "we" are. ;-)


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