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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: Ready to commit the new docs :-)
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 23:54:03 GMT
André Malo wrote:
> * Erik Abele wrote:
>>I have just finished reviewing the new docs from Andre. All in all
>>went fine, only a few minor changes were needed to get it all working
>>I also merged in all the changes from the last days, which were
>>missing in Andres
> there are a lot of things, I provided a 50 KB patch some days ago, so
> that the resulting docs do validate against the xhtml strict DTD. I
> probably should rebuild that against the current docs. 

If it was in the repository I catched it :)

> however, I hope you took the xml/xsl from
> and
> resp. one of the archives packages...?

I didn't take your build.xml. I modified the current stylesheet (it was
just one line to change to the new location of /lang). Sorry, but I
couldn't see any purpose for your modifications. If I missed something,
please let me know...

>>c) We now have some more images in manual/images:
>>These should be converted to PNG too (as all the others).
> the feather.gif may cause a problem, because some browsers don't handle
> the transparency in PNG correctly (e.g. opera) 
> Also I'm not sure about the right.gif. I placed it in the toc if the
> link doesn't go down but to another document. (like in mpm_winnt or so) 
>>d) I had to make some minor changes to common.dtd to get the new docs
>>validating correctly: for example I defined two new elements to
>>support the newly used <cite>-, <dfn>-tags.
> would be nice, if you could add a <var>, too ;-) If this is in, I may
> step through the files and turn the bogus <em> to <var>... 
>>e) The example-boxes use <div class="example"><pre>...</pre></div>
>>define the bg-color. 
>>Unfortunately Mozilla and IE (didn't check the others) don't
>>wrap the text within the <pre>-tags, since it is pre-defined, ha. With
>>smaller window-sizes we therefore get lines which reach over the
>>background box.
>>To see this live, try
> hmm. no. <div class="example"> does the work. I'd strongly recommend
> modifying mod_rewrite.xml. i.e. use real tables etc.
> But this can be done later...

I know, the <pre> is the problem. But we will have to keep it :->

>>Joshua, I also had to change build.xml, can you please commit the
>>attached patch; thanks ;-) I will go on and commit the whole stuff in
>>the next hour if nobody raises any objections.
> please, please take a look at the build.xml at
> <>. I realized another ant
> caching problem (posted one or two days before...) and fixed that by
> modifying the build.xml.

Please describe your problems more detailed. I didn't get into any problems
with the build-system. Please try the current CVS head and we will see if
the problem is still there.

> Another Point: which CSS did you use? I really don't think that we
> should take every provided variant but a few ;-) 
> nd

I committed all the styles...


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