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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Ready to commit the new docs :-)
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 22:14:37 GMT
Hi !

I have just finished reviewing the new docs from Andre. All in all 
went fine, only a few minor changes were needed to get it all working 
I also merged in all the changes from the last days, which were missing 
in Andres

I think we are on a very good way!

Below some *minor* issues I spotted while reviewing the docs. I don't 
think they
should keep us from committing.

a) style/lang/ ja.xml sv.xml
We now have some more language-dependent phrases which should be implemented
by the authors.

b) style/lang/ pt-br.xml
Is coming the next days, as far as I know Luiz Rocha is working on this.

c) We now have some more images in manual/images:

These should be converted to PNG too (as all the others).

d) I had to make some minor changes to common.dtd to get the new docs
validating correctly: for example I defined two new elements to support the
newly used <cite>-, <dfn>-tags.

e) The example-boxes use <div class="example"><pre>...</pre></div>
to define
the bg-color. Unfortunately Mozilla and IE (didn't check the others) don't
wrap the text within the <pre>-tags, since it is pre-defined, ha. With
smaller window-sizes we therefore get lines which reach over the 
background box.

To see this live, try
with a window-size smaller than 800x600 (scroll down to find a problematic

Joshua, I also had to change build.xml, can you please commit the attached
patch; thanks ;-) I will go on and commit the whole stuff in the next hour
if nobody raises any objections.


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