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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: manual/
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 17:42:27 GMT
Luiz Rocha wrote:
>>   But let's keep it around until the xml conversion is finished and we 
>>can update the release process accordingly.
>   How many files need to be converted to XML? Exactly?
>   The new style is almost finished, isn't it? Depending on the number of files left to
convert to XML, could be a good idea to start the job now.
>   I can start translating those files, and convert them into XML during the process,
but depending on the number (and my avaliable time) it could take some time.

Please go ahead!  You can easily tell what files need to be converted 
simply by looking at a CVS checkout of httpd-2.0/docs/manual/ and 
finding .html (or .html.en) files that don't have a corresponding .xml. 
  Just choose a couple files and post to the list what you are working 
on so that we don't have the same file converted twice.  (I don't 
usually do this myself, but that's just because I always commit my work 
within an hour of starting it, so there is little risk of overlap.)


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