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From Jaeho Shin <>
Subject Korean custom error messages in Apache 2.0
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 20:09:17 GMT
Hi all,

I'm interested in sharing my Korean version of custom error pages in
Apache 2.0.

I've found a message from the archive posted a few months ago about
starting a Korean translation of the custom error msgs, but
unfortunately I couldn't find any more info about that effort.

Anyway, my translations were done in early April, but had no time to
submit them till now. I will first attach a draft gzipped patch in UTF-8
format for docs/error files of 2.0.40 distribution.

I'm not very sure now about, how to make Korean fit into the ISO-8859-1
encoding (which sounds quite crazy). Actually there wasn't a charset
problem in the early versions of Apache 2.0, since it just used dumb
HTML and I could specify the character set in the Content-Type of the
.var file. But while merging my old error files with 2.0.40, I found out
that the error pages are now written in XHTML, which is HTML on top of
XML that has the Horrible character set problem. :(

I can see translations in about five languages or so in the custom error
pages. But they are all based on Latin characters which ISO-8859-1 or
HTML Character Entities covers. Any characters of Korean or Japanese,
Chinese or some other sophisticated languages are absolutely not defined
in ISO-8859-1 nor HTML Entities. Thus we can't put a single character in
the error pages, even before we begin the translation.. :(

I guess, many things could be easy and straightforward if the error
pages use UTF-8 charset, though it could be a harm to non-Unicode-friendly

Anyhow, I would like to know what exactly I should do to commit my

netj | Jaeho Shin | 신재호 ;
System Programmers' Association for Researching Computer Systems
Division of Computer Science, Department of EECS, KAIST

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