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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Major revision of sections.html
Date Sat, 24 Aug 2002 02:02:18 GMT
* Joshua Slive wrote:

> Fire away!  (But don't bother with spelling mistakes; I haven't
> spell-checked it yet and my spelling is atroshus.)

all in all a good work, I think. Of course ;-) some additionally

| The <IfModule> directive is very similar, except it encloses
| directives that will only be applied if a particular module is
| available in the server. 

If that module is loaded at runtime, the corresponding LoadModule
directive must appear before the <IfModule> container. 


| This directive should only be used if you need your configuration file
| to work with or without certain modules installed.

Maybe I have to improve my English, but in German I'd probably say
(backported to English ;-)): 

... to work with and without ...

this makes the sense a little bit clearer for me.



I have a problem with that container (in general). It does not really
apply to files, rather the "filename-part" of the URL (which maybe the
result of an internal redirect, of course). For example: 

<Files .*>
  Order Allow,Deny
  Deny From All

any requested dotfile, whether existing or not, returns a 403 with this
(and not a 404, if it does not exist). 

Is this worth to be explained to the user?
Or am I wrong at this point?


Wildcards and Regular Expressions:

| The <Directory>, <Files>, and <Location> directives can each use the
| wildcard characters "?" to match any single character and "*" to match
| any set of characters.

Additionally you may use a character class (enclosed in []) to match
particular characters. 

| If even more flexible matching is required, each container has a
| regular-expression (regex) counterpart <DirectoryMatch>, <FilesMatch>,
| and <LocationMatch> that allow regular expressions to be used in ...

... that allow perl compatible regular expressions ...

possible Example (too strange?):

<FilesMatch \.(?i:gif|jpe?g|png)\z>
  ErrorDocument 404 /error/404.png


How the sections are merged:

I really don't understand the technical note there, could someone
explain that to me? ;-) 


Some Examples:

I would show the order in which the sections are applied in the example
code itself, this will make the things more clear, imho: 

<Location />

<Files f.html>

<VirtualHost *>
  <Directory /a/b>

<DirectoryMatch "^.*b$">

<Directory /a/b>


The last example... don't know. How many people look at the example code
and actually read the corresponding text? At least I would suggest to
include a <strong> comment into the example, that this is, hmmm...,
insecure? e.g. 

<strong># insecure, allowing free access!</strong>
<Location />
Order deny,allow
Allow from all

<Directory />

so far ;-)

die (eval q-qq:Just Another Perl Hacker

# André Malo, <> #

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