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From André Malo>
Subject Re: HTML+CSS proposal
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 17:04:20 GMT
* Joshua Slive wrote:

> Just to register a couple opinions here:
> - I would be perfectly happy with using one of the tricks to make NS4
> ignore the CSS entirely.  I don't think we should spend any effort
> making the pages look pretty in NS4.  It is an obsolete browser.  The
> pages must be usable, but need not look nice.

-0 from me. NN speaks a better HTTP than IE or Opera ever did (and do).
Mozilla eats up my memory. And the main point: The bugs in NN are bad,
of course. But one surely /can/ work around them. The Bugs in IE and
Opera are much more bad, because sometimes there's no way round. 

And yes, I personally do work with that browser ;-)

> - I would sort of like to restore the breadcrumb links that I had at
> the top of my last version (apache > http server > documentation >
> version 2.0 > etc).  I think this will really help people situate the
> pages in teh overall apache hierarchy.

oh, right. Added the code.

> - I definitely will want to restore some amount of differentiation for
> links to modules and directives.  I think it is important that these
> elements are styled differently from normal links, in order to help
> users understand these basic apache concepts.


because I reordered this stuff for better semantics (IMHO), this will
become some CSS code like this: 

code a {...}            /* and */
code.directive a {...}

We'll think it over. Any suggestions?

> - I've noticed that actual work on the docs seems to have slowed down
> a little while we have been talking about style.  There is absolutely
> no reason to stop any other documentation work because of this stuff. 
> When we make a final decision, all that needs to be changed is stuff
> in the style/ directory.  Everything else will remain the same.  And
> none of this will work unless the docs are converted to XML.

ACK. You're absolutely right.

Gefunden auf einer "Webdesigner"-Seite:
        > Programmierung in HTML, XML, WML, CGI, FLASH <

# André Malo # #

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