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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Wacky new docs style
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2002 14:48:38 GMT

On Sat, 3 Aug 2002, André Malo wrote:

> * Joshua Slive wrote:
> > Since nobody had any better ideas, here's a proposal for a new display
> > format for the docs.  It is stolen directly from
> >
> Uuh, I didn't want to post any pre-(alpha-)releases of our local work
> here, but ok, that's my fault ;-)

Feel free to post.  More choice is always good.

> > Here are some examples.  [...]
> some unsorted thoughts:
> the text size in all navigation elements is too small.
> generally, font-size: small for normal text isn't really a good idea.
> the "related" stuff... ehm, the ugly fat double border should be turned
> to a more decent one ;)
> IMHO, the white space on the left side drops too much of the effective
> area.

The style here is based closely on the tigris stuff, and if we are going
to use that, then I won't want to make too many custom changes.
Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to take advantage of upgrades to the tigris
stylesheets.  (Some custom changes can be made by layering our own
stylesheet overtop of the tigris one.)

Yes the text size is perhaps slightly too small, and I have an updated
tigris stylesheet that increases it just a bit.  But unfortunately, the
"small" size has become the standard on the web.  If you look at major
websites, you'll see that virtually all use somthing resembling <small>
for their default text font. The consequence is that people have adjusted
their browser settings so that <small> is the most comfortable font to
read.  Using anything bigger is too big for most people.

There is a similar issue with the whitespace.  Most people have their
browsers open to a window size that assumes there will be a menu occupying
some screan realestate.  If you then write text across the whole screen,
the lines become way too long to comfortably read.  Our current doc style
has uncomfortably long lines on a 800x600 browser, in my opinion.

For the "Related" stuff, yes that is incredibly ugly.  It is just a
placeholder.  I've never been happy with how those sections look, and I am
open to suggestions.


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