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From "Vincent de Lau" <>
Subject RE: wacky docs look - take two
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2002 16:24:12 GMT
> So here is what I'd like to hear:
> - Is this the right overall direction?
IMHO: yes

> - Is it too flashy/complicated?
The only disadvantage I noticed is that it's useless on 640/480. But I don't
think that should be show stopper.

> - Does it work in everybody's various browsers?  (It is supposed to work
> at least back to Netscape 4, but I haven't tested it.)

What do we want to support?

> If people like it, what the process be for adopting it?  Should we go
> ahead and do it now, and fix up any problems later.  Or should we wait
> and fix things now.  Or possibly, should we wait until the rest of the
> manual is converted to xml?

I would wait for all the docs to be in XML, since converting twice is not a
good idea.
However, it might be usefull for people to be able to contribute to the
development. Maybe it is helpfull to post an archive with all the CSS/XSL
stuff in it so that people can experiment with it.

Vincent de Lau

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