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From "Vincent de Lau" <>
Subject RE: Antwort: RE: Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual/style common.xsl
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 22:47:09 GMT

> Amaya 6.2, from 2002-07-08 - but shows exactly the
> same behaviour. Very strange, as I believed Amaya to
> be somehow the reference browser for XML and CSS ...
> (although it neither supports JavaScript nor frames)

It's obvious: Amaya doesn't seem to support XSLT. The text displayed is
exactly the document order and it uses the 'default' style for elements to
display them. With CSS you could specify the layout for the different
elements in the XML file.

for example:
directive {
	color: green;
	font-family: Courier;
	display: inline;

XSLT is something different. The T in XSLT is for transformation. In our
setup, parsing a XML document trough the XSLT processor results in HTML, for
which browsers have a more specific stylesheet, updated with our own CSS
stylesheet. With the XML tools for IE (see post a few days ago), you can
also view the XSLT output of a document. The biggest advantage of XSLT is
that you can reorder, create, duplicate and do (almost) anything you want
with content. CSS is bounded to the content provided in the XML (or HTML
file for that matter).

For more info, see: especially the section 'Why two
Style Sheet languages?'

So the best thing for Amaya is to set the Accept header to prefer HTML over

Vincent de Lau

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