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Subject Antwort: Re: MAC IE screenshots -Andrés new layout
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 21:02:17 GMT

Hi Andy,

>>>> NN 4.79 shows some question marks in front of enumerations
>>>> (<ul><li>).
>>> *sigh* I'll download this version now and will check it then.
>> Uuuups, meant NN 4.79 MAC...WIN seems 'all' okay!
> too late *g*, but fixed another bug with NN4.79/Win.
> Hmm, IMHO we should ignore the question marks silently.
> I've no idea about (and no Mac...). Alternatively we could remove
> the 'list-style-type: none' for NN.

IIRC Netscape 4 is taking the bullet symbol from some specific
position of some font. (I suspect the "B7" position of the
charset, looking at the Windows 'Zeichentabelle' tool.)
Try changing your Netscape 4 default proportional font in the
Preferences and you will see a different size and even shape
of the bullets! I can reproduce this on Windows NT4.

This would be really likely to cause problems on platforms
where fonts and/or character sets exist where this specific
symbol is something very different from a bullet.

Possible suggestions:
a) try different list-style-types
b) use a CSS-font family definition for <ul> (rsp. <li>?) that
   includes some font available on Mac and holding a proper
   bullet symbol at the position Netscape 4 expects it to be;
   this would have an effect on Mac only, as other platforms
   will not know this font family, and CSS font definitions
   seem to override this default font setting for the bullet.
But I am not sure whether this will help, or even whether it
will be worth the effort ... only trying to explain this effect.

Regards, Michael

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