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Subject Antwort: Re: HTML+CSS proposal
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 18:12:29 GMT

Hi Joshua,

> Just to register a couple opinions here:
> - I would be perfectly happy with using one of the tricks to make NS4
> ignore the CSS entirely.  I don't think we should spend any effort
> making the pages look pretty in NS4.

+1. I just asked whether anything could be done there, but like
"nd" I would prefer the <table> without border in NS4 to any HTML
code that isn't reasonable for modern browsers.
I only mentioned it as I was surprised how really _good_ it looked
in NS4 - this was the only difference that I recognized. :-)

> - I would sort of like to restore the breadcrumb links that I had at the
> top of my last version (apache > http server > documentation > version
> 2.0 > etc).

+1 (give readers the feeling they know where they are and where they
can go to all the time)

> - I definitely will want to restore some amount of differentiation
> for links to modules and directives.  I think it is important that
> these elements are styled differently from normal links, in order
> to help users understand these basic apache concepts.

+1 to this and generally to most kinds of visual differentiations
of this kind, like different background colors for different
classes of all types.

Regards, Michael

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