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Subject Re: wacky docs look - take two
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 14:17:49 GMT

Hi Andy,

> we've tried to combine your suggestion with our first ideas.
> Currently there are just only pics made by photoshop.
> <>
> <>

I think the navigation icons slightly improve the usability,
so I would be +1 for them.

The overall looks is "brighter", not so many large dark areas
around there. I like this.

Also, the feather quill works much better on the white background,
while the rest of the feather still works on the darker background.
So this combination of a dark background section and a feather on
top of if seems a good solution to me.

I would suggest to increase the contrast in the "related modules"
/ "related directives" field where foreground and background
color are too close to each other.

Regards, Michael

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