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Subject Re: wacky docs look - take two
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 13:39:05 GMT

Hi Erik,

>> I attach my version here, which IMHO looks far better than
>> the current one, but doesn't seem to really solve the problem,
>> mostly because the feather's quill tends to vanish totally
>> when presented upon any dark background, and the feather loses
>> a lot of its effect as well.
>> This image simply isn't made for being used on a dark background.
> I don't think so. With a light, white shadow (see file) it is
> usable on any background. I have added the shadow to increase
> the contrast; since without it its really getting all to dark.

your feather is of a better quality than my version.

Still it is very dark and doesn't work very well on a dark
background. And the quill (Federkiel) is nearly invisible,
as it is about the same color as the background.

Regards, Michael

(trying to manually repair the "Subject:" if I remember to,

no configuration available known to me, using Lotus Notes

4.51 from May, 1997 on a "sealed" Windows NT4 PC)

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