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Subject Antwort: Re: Wacky new docs style
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 07:12:13 GMT

Hi Joshua (and Andy),

> Yes the text size is perhaps slightly too small, and I have an
> updated tigris stylesheet that increases it just a bit.
> But unfortunately, the "small" size has become the standard
> on the web.  If you look at major websites, you'll see that
> virtually all use somthing resembling <small> for their default
> text font. The consequence is that people have adjusted their
> browser settings so that <small> is the most comfortable font
> to read.  Using anything bigger is too big for most people.

Even though my eyes are rather bad I don't have any problems
with the small fonts, as I am used to the problem: Just take
Mozilla and type "Cntrl +" / "Cntrl -" to scale the font size
to what you prefer to read.
The same works with Internet Explorer 6.0 where you can set
the relative font size to one of five available values.
So it seems to work for the two most important browsers, as
long as you don't use "px" as scaling unit for font sizes
(which would disable scalability for Internet Explorer only).

> There is a similar issue with the whitespace.  Most people have
> their browsers open to a window size that assumes there will be
> a menu occupying some screan realestate.
> If you then write text across the whole screen, the lines become
> way too long to comfortably read.  Our current doc style has
> uncomfortably long lines on a 800x600 browser, in my opinion.

I appreciate the new column, but in Mozilla with standard
font scaling the column looks very large.
Strange enough, in the Internet Explorer all the fonts are
much larger, and the size of the column seems much more
reasonable. So it seems difficult to decide whether a
different size would improve anything.

Regards, Michael

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