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Subject Antwort: RE: Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual/style common .xsl
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 19:22:17 GMT
Hi Vincent,

>> But Amaya 5.3 displays a box
>> "Invalid XML - Reload as HTML or show parsing errors?"
>> See the errors list at the end of this mail.
> The HTML file on the server still has a namespace tag in
> the HTML file. This might cause the errors.
> Does it parse
> properly? (disable content negotiation, making sure the
> error is caused by XSLT output)

this document is now parsed by Amaya 5.3 without any

error message (and I see the XML code in the "view-

source" function of the browsers, like I checked for

that in the previous mail).

But it is displayed in a rather ugly way, no colors at

all and obviously no CSS formatting.

Um ... Amaya 5.3 isn't that old, from December 2001,

but let's see how the current version will react ...

Amaya 6.2, from 2002-07-08 - but shows exactly the

same behaviour. Very strange, as I believed Amaya to

be somehow the reference browser for XML and CSS ...

(although it neither supports JavaScript nor frames)

I'll dare to attach a screenshot to this mail - PNG

file, 256 colors, 33 KB, please don't kill me for this

one ...

Regards, Michael

(See attached file: amaya.png)

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