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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: wacky docs look - take two
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2002 20:19:31 GMT
Hi Michael !
> For the current style, I tried to remove a little more of the
> ugly white border of the feather (whose borders have clearly
> been optimized for a colors transition into a white background)
> by overwriting any bright color with the color index of the
> transparent color (i. e. palette index 255, which internally
> is now some acid green as to make image modification easier).

Attached the feather without any of the ugly white pixels (I only added a
white shadow). Just 'render' it from the eps-files of the press-kit
( and you'll have total control
of the borders.

> I attach my version here, which IMHO looks far better than
> the current one, but doesn't seem to really solve the problem,
> mostly because the feather's quill tends to vanish totally
> when presented upon any dark background, and the feather loses
> a lot of its effect as well.
> This image simply isn't made for being used on a dark background.

I don't think so. With a light, white shadow (see file) it is usable on any
background. I have added the shadow to increase the contrast; since without
it its really getting all to dark.


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