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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Qualifications of the Reviewer of Translated Doc
Date Sat, 31 Aug 2002 16:05:52 GMT
JHKChan wrote:
> Dear ALL,
> I am concerned about the qualifications of the reviewer of translated doc. 
> Is the Apache HTTP Server Documentation Project just request for a fluent 
> speaker for the relevant language to have a review on the translated doc? 
> Do the reviewers need to be famous or well-reputated? If not, then why do 
> we need reviewers? We can just let our friends to put their names there. 
> This is my real concern.

In an ideal world, we would only accept translations and reviews from 
people who we trust based on a history of participation in the project. 
  In the real world, that would result in us needing to reject most 

Instead, we simply ask for the translations to be reviewed by another 
fluent speaker to assure a basic level of quality.  It is best if the 
reviewer is also a participant in the documentation project.  At 
minimum, the reviewer should send an email to the list confirming that 
they have reviewed the translation.

Certainly it would be very easy for someone to submit a translation, and 
then submit a review themselves under a different email address.  There 
is nothing we can do to prevent that.  If people get their kicks by 
trying to cheat a volunteer project, then so be it.

Just for some perspective, I can tell you that this policy is a 
middle-ground.  In the PHP documentation project, they accept 
translations from pretty-much anyone with no reviews necessary.  They 
don't seem to have any problems; they have much more translations that 
we do. On the other hand, some of the commercial distributors of Apache 
would prefer that we accept only translations that can be reviewed by 
core team members.  The response to that is, essentially, if you want 
"trusted" docs, you should delete eveything other than english before 
using Apache.

The worst case scenario here is someone inserting political messages or 
other garbage ("Apache Sucks!!!") in a translation.  If it is a language 
not spoken by anyone reading, then it would 
probably not be caught, and would make it through to the release.  In my 
opinion, the only thing that would do is make the submitter look stupid.


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