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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: New draft of manual style
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2002 14:26:17 GMT
Cliff Woolley wrote:
> On 27 Aug 2002, Yoshiki Hayashi wrote:
>>>Contains a new draft of the proposed new manual style.  This one is
>>>fully generated using xslt, so all the xml files should be converted.
>>Sorry to say this now but I prefer previous "wacky" one.
> FWIW from the peanut gallery, I kinda did too.  :-(

Time for me to make a couple points:

1. There was one main reason I stopped developing the "wacky" style: 
complexity.  If felt it was over-complex both visually and particularly 
the css and html code.  The css code had the advantage that it was 
externally developed and maintained at, but I still 
didn't like using something that seemed difficult to maintain.

2. Let's try to determine exactly what about the original style people 
like better.  Perhaps we can combine the two in a way that will work. 
Some suggestions:

a) Black-on-white.  I tend to agree that this is preferred.

b) Side-menu listing important stuff seperate from text rather than 
having the menu integrated from the text.  I like this, but I'm not sure 
how much it is about the "cool" factor.  It also leads to the obvious 
disadvantage of having to put the whole darn page in a table, which is 
annoying but very common for modern sites.

c) Smaller font.  As I mentioned in the original discussion, smaller 
fonts tend to look more modern and professional, since almost all major 
websites now use a less-than-default font size.  Of course, it is silly 
to contradict what the user set as their default font, but since almost 
all sites do it, <small> can almost be considered the default.

d) Other things ???  (I think the header and footer from the new version 
are nicer, and I also prefer how the section titles are now handled...)

3. There's no hurry in any of this.  People who don't care about it 
should just go on writing the docs in xml.  People who do care about can 
devote whatever time they want to style issues, and hopefully we will 
eventually settle on something nice.


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