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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: New draft of manual style
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2002 18:40:43 GMT
Astrid Ke├čler wrote:
> - Some line break in the generated output would make the code much
>   easier to read. This is only interesting for us during generation
>   development.

This is because indent is turned off in the xslt.  With indent on, some
very funny things happen with spacing which can have bad effects on the
resulting display.  I sugest a quick run through htmltidy (with the 
non-indent features turned off) if you want to actually read the stuff.

> - I agree with Patrik to use <th> for table header cells.

Question: <th> stands for Table Header.  Can Row titles really be 
considered "headers" (they aren't at the head of the table)?  This is 
purely a symantic issue.

> - The table columns (e.g. in
> under overview for the
>   impatient, or at the module pages) should have a little bit more
>   horizontal distance.

Sure.  I don't mind using CSS to increase the default cellpadding a 
little.  I'd also like to slightly increase the vertical space before 
<dt> entires, because we use that quite a bit to seperate sub-headings.

> This is a doom loop. If nobody sets such links, no one will use them. If
> no one use them, nobody sets them. I think, we should set them, because
> it is just a small sentence.
> And personally: I will use them. I do not like the fixed width of nds
> stylesheet. The alternate styles were created based on an discussion
> between him an me. They are a possibility to support views for every
> liking.

OK.  But lets get a primary version done first, and then we can play as 
much as we want with alternate stylesheets.

> I don't like the big red hover color. It is to eye-catching for me. I
> often move the mouse over the document, while reading. The red color
> distracts me. The missing difference between module link colors and
> directive link colors is a pity. But other links shouldn't be red, whil
> using the red hoover color.
> I would prefer the colors suggested from nd, bu I can live with yours
> too, espacially, if we use alternate styles ;-)

I believe there needs to be a single characteristic that says "this is a 
clickable link" for mouse-hovers.  The point of red is to catch the eye 
so people know that they can get further info.  Andre's latest version 
uses "underline" for the hover.  Personally, I find that this breaks my 
concentration more than the color change, but I can live with it if it 
is consistent.

Thanks again for the feedback.


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